Curriculum Activities

Reds in the Community Coaches have great knowledge of the Physical Education National Curriculum and have a vast experience working with Key Stage 1 &  2 in various primary schools across Barnsley.

The Community Coaches understand the importance of progress and attainment, therefore ensure that curriculum sessions are differentiated and include opportunities to continually learn in line with the National Curriculum Criteria.

All our Curriculum Activities include Teacher development throughout, creating a legacy of  high-quality coaching within our partnership schools.

Our New Improved Offer

Curricular time support from Reds in the Community has been developed in partnership with The FA, to ensure that our coaches are delivering current, progressive and challenging sessions to enable learning for ALL children in KS1 & KS2.

Reds in the Community is able to offer eight packages to enable specialist coaching to assist and enhance your PE Curriculum.

Reds in the Community offers four programmes for KS1, Toby Tykes Fundamentals, Move like Toby and Attacking and Defending with BFC.

KS2 can benefit from four programmes further progressing from the previous four in KS1, these are; Toby Tykes Specialist Skills, Toby’s Specialist Movement and Attacking and Defending with BFC.


Reds in the Community acknowledges that a high-quality education curriculum inspires all students to succeed and excel in competitive sport. The delivery of our projects includes inter and intra -competitions between to ensure progression and self-development of students.

For more information or to enquire about any of our available provisions please contact us on;

Tel: 01226 211333

Email: [email protected]