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HomeNewsSports ParticipationBarnsley FC and Barnsley FC Community Trust celebrate ‘Community Heroes as part of The EFL Community Weekend. 

Barnsley FC and Barnsley FC Community Trust celebrate ‘Community Heroes as part of The EFL Community Weekend. 

To mark EFL Community Weekend we along with Barnsley FC are shining a light on those that go above and beyond for the Barnsley Community. Nominations have been made from across all our programmes to celebrate the outstanding work done in day-to-day life from volunteers, staff, and students. 

Nominees have been invited to attend Barnsley’s game against Bristol Rovers on Saturday 13th January 2024 to take part in a half-time presentation and interview to celebrate their dedication to positively changing lives in the Barnsley area. We sat down with our heroes to find out more about their community journey’s. 

Julie was nominated by Head of Health and Wellbeing Sean Margison for her volunteer work with the Trust’s health groups. Julie has been a massive help on the Reds Connect project. She helps with refreshments on a weekly basis, brings in resources such as games and quizzes and helped organise the Christmas celebration.

However, the main reason is because of the way she helps with other participants. She is empathetic, caring, and understanding. She has some experience of health issues as she is a volunteer at the hospital, but she has also done research into dementia which has helped with the sporting memory session. She has invited participants to meet up away from the group for extra support and went as far as inviting participants for Christmas day dinner.

Sean said, “It has been a pleasure to get to know Julie over the course of the last few years, the nomination of community hero is well deserved for her outstanding work and help with Barnsley FC Community Trust’s Health groups, and it has been lovely to be able to give her the recognition she deserves”. 

When asked what this nomination meant to her Julie added, “I was so surprised I never expect to receive anything back so when I heard from Sean the Trust’s head of Health and Wellbeing that he had nominated me I was really surprised but very pleased”

Craig has been instrumental to our work in the Community. He has developed working relationships, between SYFR, us and the local community. 

Craig has shown remarkable dedication to the local community by actively engaging with the Barnsley FC Community Trust. He has invested his time and efforts into making a positive impact on the lives of individuals, using football as a tool for social change, attending sessions as both as a volunteer and participate. He is a working member of South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue adds another layer of significance to this nomination. He brings valuable expertise and knowledge in fire safety, emergency response, and community outreach to his work with the Trust. 

Craig said, “My involvement with the community trust started in 2021. We were receiving large numbers of ASB fires in several neighbouring villages. These incidents quickly became protracted and soon the young people involved became abusive and often violent towards our fire crews. I had heard about the community work the trust were doing in these areas, so I reached out to them. We met and from that we developed a partnership together.”

 He directly impacts young people, providing them with guidance, mentorship, and opportunities. Through our work together, he helps develop their skills, confidence, and instils important values such as teamwork, resilience, and respect.

He works closely with Barnsley FC Community Trust and is an essential part of our programs and initiatives. His contributions and collaboration enhance the effectiveness and reach of the Trust’s activities, creating a stronger impact on the community. He serves as a role model for both the members of South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue and the young people he engages with through the Trust’s activities. His commitment, passion, and dedication inspire others to get involved and make a positive difference in their communities.

Craig said, “The standout engagement I’ve been involved in is the work we did in and around Kendray. I attended football every Thursday evening to attempt to bring down some of the barriers I believed were there. Between the young people involved in ASB activity and the emergency services. I would help with the football sessions and afterwards we would go into the centre and continue to interact with the young people who’d played. I witnessed the staff from the trust and how they engaged with all attendees. And those on the peripheral causing ASB issues. I saw them work tirelessly to interacting with all ages. Including everyone present, including those who were being tempted to stray to the gangs causing trouble. Never judging, just helping.”

Overall, Craig’s work with the Barnsley FC Community Trust, along with his role in the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, make him an ideal candidate for the EFL Community Hero nomination. His dedication, positive influence, collaboration, and role model qualities make him deserving of recognition for his outstanding efforts.

Filip is a valued asset to the team at Barnsley FC Community Trust, his dedication, hard work, and enthusiasm to learning and working is outstanding. 

He has shown a great commitment and dedication to his apprenticeship work. He has actively provided his time and skills to support the community and help in various projects run. His passion for creating positive change in the lives of others is evident through his hard work and consistent efforts. He has been involved in various initiatives such as promoting healthy lifestyles, encouraging active participation in sports, and providing support to vulnerable individuals. 

His contributions have improved the well-being and quality of life for many community members. Filip has demonstrated excellent working qualities and organisational skills. He has worked closely with programme leads, local schools and members of the community to successfully coordinate and manage sessions, ensuring successful and positive outcomes. He has an ability to engage and inspire participants and which has been instrumental in the success of these initiatives.

Furthermore, Filip’s creativity and innovative ideas have brought a fresh perspective to the community work. He consistently strives to find new ways to address community needs and create impactful programs. His forward-thinking approach has resulted in the development of unique initiatives that resonate with the community and have generated lasting benefits.

Overall, Filip’s dedication, impact, leadership, and innovation make him a deserving candidate for the EFL Community Hero nomination. His work with Barnsley FC Community Trust has positively impacted the lives of many, through his community engagement and support.