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HomeNewsSchools ProgrammeLooking for something fun to do with the children? Learn with Premier League Primary Stars!

Looking for something fun to do with the children? Learn with Premier League Primary Stars!

Following a number of school closures in our area, Reds in the Community are partnering with Premier League Primary Stars to support families looking for ways to educate and entertain children as well as keeping them active at home.

By providing school curriculum-linked resources and activities for children in the comfort of their own surroundings, they will learn a number of key skills beneficial for the future.

The Premier League funded scheme will cover a variety of different subjects ranging from Maths, English, Physical Education and Health and Wellbeing for both Key Stage one (5-7 year-olds) and Key Stage two (7-11 year-olds) pupils.

The aim of the programme is to provide families with lots of fun activities to keep children active and learning at home.

How do I join in?

We have created a class for children that attend any of our sessions.

Simply, follow this link to register and take part in our online classes, it’s all free so there are no sign up fees required.

Enter the Code : FXHSCW

Happy learning!

Alternatively, to kick off your at-home learning why not try:

Fun activities

Football Fun activity pack – A range of fun activity sheets and puzzles covering Maths, English and PSHE.

You can also access more fun activities in the Families section of the Premier League Primary Stars website.

Super Movers

The Premier League and BBC have teamed up to get the nation’s primary-school children moving and learning, and these are also great for use at home.

People in the UK can explore the wide variety of video options via these links to the BBC site:

Super Movers – Short, fun, active learning videos to get kids active at home covering Maths, English, PSHE and languages.

Times tables – two to 12 times tables and maths featuring football club mascots!

Just for Fun – A wide variety of active videos featuring famous faces and shows from the Premier League and BBC – including Match of the Day, Strictly Come Dancing’s Alex Scott and Burnley manager Sean Dyche! 


Solve, Shoot, Score – Can you add up correctly to score past Premier League goalkeepers? Try this interactive football-themed game with quickfire maths questions. 

Stick with Maths – Inspired by sticker packs and stats, tackle maths at home with these great taster puzzles and activities. You can also try a number of bitesize maths puzzles, using data from Premier League football stickers (ages 7 to 11).

Position and direction – What is above, what is below? Test your knowledge of positions and directions on the football pitch (ages 5 to 7).


Solve, Shoot, Score – Can you spell correctly to score past these Premier League goalkeepers? Try this interactive football-themed game with quickfire spelling questions.