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Elsecar Primary Academy Pupils Become Young Leaders

Year five and six pupils at Elsecar Holy Trinity C.E Primary Academy have completed their Young Leaders Award as part of Reds in the Community’s Premier League Primary Stars programme.

The initiative seeks to give pupils the skills and knowledge to be able to run their own sports coaching sessions.

RitC Community Coaches led the training of the programme, which began 6-weeks ago with classroom and practical-based sessions to teach the pupils about what makes a good leader whilst looking at some real-life examples both inside and outside of sport.

The pupils were then able to gain practical first-hand experience on leading sessions delivering to fellow pupils in Y4 with the different components of planning activities.

Senior Community Coach James Cooke, one of two RitC members of staff who lead the sessions, discussed how beneficial they have been.

The Young Leaders Award has been a success as well with all pupils saying they would recommend it to others within the school to help develop confidence and knowledge of what it take to be a leader, set good examples and be a role model within the school and local community.

Upon completing the Young Leaders Award Pupils commented on how they have enjoyed completing the Award and how it has benefitted them

Pupil 1: ” It’s made me more like, confident. Because it’s challenged me to other things and it’s challenged me to do somthing different.

Pupil 2: “I’ve really enjoyed it because it’s really pushing my confidence because we all had to make a game up and we didn’t expect to do that and we did it, it was really fun and I enjoyed it.

The Young Leaders Award has been completed as part of a larger initiative in the school, Premier League Primary Stars. Pupils across the school also take part in Maths, English, PSHE, P.E and Healthy Kicks sessions.

Year four teacher Miss K Upton spoke about how her herself and her class have benefitted from the sessions.

She said ” The programme [Premier League Primary Stars] has been really good, Maths was really good, the P.E has been really good, it’s been interactive and the children have enjoyed it.

I’ve really enjoyed it, the kids have enjoyed it, it’s just been nice and somthing different for the children.

Year four completed 12 Maths and P.E lessons

James added “It has been a very successful Primary Stars Programme at Elsecar, the pupils and staff have engaged and developed in all aspects of delivery from the 12 weeks of physical education to the six-weeks of numeracy and literacy lessons. It has been fun and interesting journey supporting pupils to develop elements of teamwork alongside personal development for the teachers in their future deliver of P.E.

If your school would be interested in the Stars or Young Leaders Award then please contact [email protected].