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HomeNewsSchools ProgrammeBarnsley FC Head Coach Neill Collins joins RitC at the Pro-Active School Performance Sports Awards Ceremony. 

Barnsley FC Head Coach Neill Collins joins RitC at the Pro-Active School Performance Sports Awards Ceremony. 

Pro-Active School Performance is a local sporting provision for Barnsley which provides the opportunity for schools across the borough to take part in different sports with the aim to find a sport for everybody. 

Reds in the Community have worked in partnership with Andy Hawksworth of Burton Road Primary School, to organise the provision throughout the school year. Andy brought together twelve schools to take part in competitions and events over the year with sports including, football, tennis, golf, gymnastics and many more. 

The awards ceremony took place at the Barnsley Metrodome on Friday 14th July to celebrate a school year full of sport. Wasting no time in getting involved in community engagement, the Barnsley FC Head Coach attended the ceremony to hand out awards for the outstanding achievements of children and staff from across the twelve schools in Barnsley much to the delight of everyone involved. Bruce Dyer and son Josiah Dyer also attended the afternoon speaking to the children about believing in their dreams and achieving their full potential. 

Andy Hawksworth said, ‘Today has been fantastic to see the children’s faces when Neill Collins walked in was amazing. This is the aim for the provision, for the children to enjoy it. If they are enjoying it, we know we are doing something right’ 

Macauley Hobson of Reds in the Community added, ‘We have thoroughly enjoyed working with all the schools this year and this afternoon has been a true testament to the hard work and achievement of them all. We would like to thank Neill for attending, it makes such a difference to the children’s day. We also need to acknowledge the dedication of Andy without him this wouldn’t be possible. We look forward to the new school year in September.’