Art Works Inspired by Barnsley FC’s 130 Year History to be Created at Oakwell

New art works exploring the living heritage of Barnsley FC are being created by artist, Ben Mosley, at Oakwell this summer.

Commissioned by the biggest organisations within sport including Wembley Stadium, Manchester United, The London Olympics, and The Emirates and Creek Golf clubs in Dubai, Ben Mosley is fast becoming a recognised international artist.

Ben’s work captures on canvas the many human emotions which play out in sporting events.  His paintings have portrayed the victory of a winning goal, showed the camaraderie between father and son as they watch a game and encapsulated the electricity of a crowd making their way to the stadium.

Ben has been a Barnsley FC supporter since 1987. He has strong family ties with Barnsley with his father and grandparents having been from the town. Ben highlights, ‘Barnsley FC has been central to my upbringing and has played a huge part in the bond I have with my father,’ reflecting, ‘This bond has been the inspiration to my football inspired artwork.’  Ben is therefore looking forward to creating work inspired by the living heritage of Barnsley FC here at Oakwell.

Through Reds in the Community’s ‘Our Club, Our Ground, Our Past, Our Future’ project which is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Ben aims to create art work that celebrates the relationship between the people of Barnsley and the football club during the club’s 130th year.

Ben will be painting at Oakwell from Tuesday 16th May until Monday 22nd May, and from Wednesday 7th June until Thursday 15th June, and Reds in the Community and Barnsley FC will be capturing the creative process, through photography and video, to share with supporters.For further information, contact Sarah Hughes, Heritage Officer with Reds in the Community on 07392 960182 or via email at

For further information, contact Sarah Hughes, Heritage Officer with Reds in the Community on 01226 211333 or via email at [email protected].