Kick It Out | Reporting Methods

Discrimination of any kind has no place in football and everyone should be able to enjoy the beautiful game.
For 25 years, Kick It Out have been completing fantastic work at the heart of the drive towards equality, inclusion and cohesion for everyone who plays, watches or works within football.
Should you ever come across racism or other discriminatory abuse within football, would you know how to report it?
Below is all of the relevant information and the various methods of how you can report any form of discrimination witnessed at a football game.

Kick It Out has established an equality framework for professional clubs, supporting the development of equality practices and policies, and enabled more effective reporting and investigating of complaints of discriminatory abuse through its pioneering reporting app.

Despite 25 years of progress, hatred, prejudice, abuse and discrimination are still evident in our society and in football.

You can report an incident of discrimination in football – whether it took place online or at a grassroots, non-league or professional game – by filling in the online form available on Kick It Outs Website.

Report to Kick It Out using the methods below.


You can report an incident of discrimination via the Kick It Out app which can be used on iPhone and Android devices. The app provides users with the ability to attach video, photo and audio evidence to complaints to help support investigations into discriminatory abuse and behaviour across football.

The award-winning app also allows complainants to shield their identifying information from professional clubs across the English Football League, Premier League, Women’s Super League and the football authorities by clicking the ‘remain anonymous’ button contained within the reporting form.

Steps have been taken to ensure that reporting grassroots and non-league incidents is simple and user-friendly. Selecting grassroots and non-league comes at the very top of the reporting form and there are only a few entry fields, making complaints clearer and more concise.

Download the product from the Apple Store or Google Play.


You can report an incident of discrimination by calling 0800 169 9414 and speaking directly to a Kick It Out staff member.


You can report an incident of discrimination by contacting Kick It Out directly on Twitter, @kickitout, or by contacting the organisation’s Reporting Officers on @kickitoutreport.

Alternatively, you can privately message Kick It Out on its Facebook page here.

When reporting an incident of social media discrimination, screenshots or links to the offending posts are recommended in order to assist Kick It Out in taking up the issue with the relevant social media platform or authority.


You can also contact Kick It Out’s Reporting Officers to report an incident of discrimination by emailing [email protected]

For more information on the fantastic work that Kick It Out carry out, visit their website.