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Earth Day

Friday 22nd April 2022

Friday 22nd April 2022 is World Earth Day, this is an annually celebrated event to demonstrate support for environmental protection. 

Earth day helps bring awareness to issues with the planet, big issues such as climate change and other long lasting damages. The planet needs to be looked after and Earth day helps raise that awareness. The earth day theme this year is to invest in our planet. This is about ensuring that the global green economy can improve and remain sustainable and can recover after the detrimental damage caused by the pandemic. 

Here at Reds in the Community we have recently joined Planet Super League, an organisation which is the place for football fans to learn about climate action and do fun things to be greener – at home, school, work and at the match. The initiative brings together fans to take part in activities in order to make the world a greener place.

We will be taking part in the next big tournament that will run later this year. Sign up to help us #helptheearth