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HomeNewsOther InformationBoard of Trustees members retire after seven and ten years respectively

Board of Trustees members retire after seven and ten years respectively

On behalf of Reds in the Community, we would like to say a huge thank you to Peter Amos and Anthony Warden who are retiring from their post on the Board of Trustees after seven and ten years of service respectively.

Peter and Anthony have been an integral part of the setup here at Reds in the Community and have played a vital role in the development and expansion of the community and the projects we run at Oakwell across the four key themes of Education, Health, Social Inclusion, and Sports Participation.

Both members have also been crucially important in overseeing general practices across the charity including safeguarding, education, finances, and business plans which all meet the criteria for Reds in the Community’s vision, mission and strategic direction.

In addition to their roles on the Board of Trustees, both Peter and Anthony have been heavily involved with duties across Barnsley Football Club. Peter has served as the Club Chaplain at Barnsley FC for 25 years, taking on a pastor role by talking to every member of staff so that if anyone had any problems, they had somebody to talk to, whilst Anthony worked as Education Officer with the Barnsley FC Academy for 14 years, helping young people reach their potential so they could go onto higher education and earn a University degree whilst progressing through the academy system.

Peter said:

“I’ve been at the football club as Club Chaplain for 25 years. It was a few years into that when I started coming round as the Chaplain and visiting this part of the club.

“I used to enjoy being in this part of the club because I felt so welcomed and appreciated here. After a number of years, Wayne [Bullimore], Chief Executive Officer, asked me if I would consider being a Trustee. I’ve been a Trustee for ten years.

“I love what the community project is all about. This part of the football club represents what Tiverton Preedy started. This is one of the reasons why I have such a soft spot for it because it’s serving the community.

“When I came here, Barnsley was declared to be the worst town in Britain by stats. It just felt like I needed to be part of a project that was trying to make a difference and improve the town, so I was more than happy to be part of the community project here.”

Anthony added:

“Reds in the Community is absolutely brilliant. It was always Patrick Cryne’s vision to make Barnsley Football Club the centre of the community. Reds in the Community is the centre of the community.

“It’s about more than the courses we have to offer, it’s about being involved in the community.

“You could write a book on the letters of thanks which Reds in the Community has received from parents, thanking them for looking after their youngsters when they’ve been here and giving them some free time.

“In the ten years I’ve been here, I’ve seen Reds in the Community develop and expand. It’s a super charity and it’s bang in the middle of the community.”

Peter and Anthony helped to build the community foundation in the heart of Barnsley and improved the lives of thousands of individuals living in the local area whilst supporting them through positive change and having overseen the growth and evolution of Reds in the Community, both Trustees wanted to give a final message to the people of Barnsley.

Peter said:

“I want you to appreciate what this community project is giving to the town. It is a charitable organisation that is seeking through the football club to really make a difference in our community, and I just want people to appreciate that.”

Anthony added:

“The people of Barnsley have got a major charity in the form of Reds in the Community. You’ve got to look after it because Reds in the Community will look after you. That’s the major leaving comment after 24 years working for Barnsley FC in one way or another.

“It’s the end of an era but time moves on and Reds in the Community will expand because it is a super charity.”

From everyone at Reds in the Community, it has been a pleasure to have you both onboard. Thank you for your outstanding commitment to the charity and Barnsley Football Club.