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“Cough Cough” campaign

The “Cough Cough” campaign aims to encourage people to visit their doctors if they have had coughs for more than three weeks.

Barnsley FC player Bobby Hassel is encouraging fans to tackle their long running coughs to help raise awareness of the early symptoms of lung cancer.

Barnsley FC’s player Bobby Hassel, said: “It’s really important that people know about the early symptoms of lung cancer and we are urging fans to tell their mates about the campaign, particularly any persistent coughers in the crowd. The final home game of the season was a great way for the players and cough parole to help raise awareness amongst our fans and get the message across: If you or anyone you know have any of the symptoms, please go along and see your doctor now.”

People who have been suffering from a cough for three weeks or more, are coughing up spots of blood or have a cough that has changed should visit their GP at the earliest opportunity.

Local man, Mike Edwards, a Barnsley FC supporter, was diagnosed with lung cancer eight years ago.  He is taking part in the campaign to encourage people to see their doctor sooner rather than later, just as he did. Mike said: “It’s important that people understand that lung cancer is a treatable disease – and chances of survival are much better if caught early.  I think it’s very important that you go to the doctor if you have a long lasting cough or are coughing up blood. The sooner the better.”

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