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NCS Summer Job vacancies – Team Leaders

National Citizen Service Team Leaders

Salary: £1159 or £2319

(Summer Work – 4 Weeks or 8 Weeks)

Reds in the Community is seeking to recruit Team Leaders to support delivery of the Summer National Citizen Service Programme (NCS). NCS is a flagship Government funded programme for 15-17 year olds, developing their skills for work and life whilst engaging with society and making a difference in their local communities.

Successful candidates will have a minimum 2 years experience in youth work, teaching, instructing or coaching. You will be confident, enthusiastic and demonstrate the ability to engage, communicate and motivate young people through group and individual work. You will also have excellent organisational skills, manage set tasks effectively and be comfortable working in an outdoor environment. These will include OA residential trips that would take you away from home for 5 days at a time.

Team Leaders will be directly responsible for managing an NCS Team of 15 students throughout the full duration of the programme.

The post is subject to an enhance CRB check and validation of references.

Reds in the Community is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

Closing date: Friday 19th February 2016

Summer 2016 Programme Dates

All programmes run Monday to Friday, the only exception if social action project are planned over a weekend, in this case you will be required to supervise.

If you were offered a position you would be required to work one option below:

Wave 1

·       Away Residential  W/C 27/6/16 – 1/7/16         (Shropshire)

·       Home Residential                    W/C 4/7/16 –   8/7/16          (Sheffield Hallam)

·       Volunteering weeks               W/C 11/7/16 – 22/7/16       (Barnsley FC)


 Wave 3

·       Away Residential  W/C 25/7/16 – 29/7/16       (Patterdale, Cumbria)

·       Home Residential                    W/C 1/8/16 –   5/8/16          (Sheffield Hallam)

·       Volunteering weeks               W/C 8/8/16 – 19/8/16         (Barnsley FC)


 Wave 4

·       Away Residential  W/C 1/8/16 –  5/8/16           (Howarth, West Yorkshire)

·       Home Residential                    W/C 8/8/16 –   12/8/16       (Sheffield Hallam)

·       Volunteering weeks               W/C 15/8/16 – 26/8/16       (Barnsley FC)


 Wave 2

·       Away Residential  W/C 11/7/16 – 15/7/16       (Hawkshead, Cumbria)

·       Home Residential                    W/C 18/7/16 – 22/7/16       (Sheffield Hallam)

·       Volunteering weeks               W/C 25/7/16 – 5/8/16         (Barnsley FC)


To find out more about NCS visit:  (national) (regional)

‘NCS Heroes’ YouTube channel NCS Facebook page and @NCS twitter

To apply complete the NCS Staff Application Form below or download and send along with CV to [email protected] alternatively call 01226 211333 for further details.

    Full Name

    Male / Female




    Date of Birth (DD/MM/YY)




    If you were offered a contract you would work only one of the below options. Please number options in preferential order (1 to 3, 0 being un-preffered. Choose only 3 0f 6 options with 1,2 or 3).

    Option 1 – 2 Waves (8 weeks FT)
    Wave 1: 27th June – 22nd July
    Wave 3: 25th July – 19th Aug

    Option 2 – 2 Waves (8 weeks FT)
    Wave 1: 27th June – 22nd July
    Wave 4: 1st Aug – 26th Aug

    Option 3 – 1 Wave (4 weeks FT)
    Wave 1: 27th June – 22nd July

    Option 4 – 1 wave (4 weeks FT)
    Wave 2: 11th July – 5th Aug

    Option 5 – 1 wave (4 weeks FT)
    Wave 3: 25th July – 19th Aug

    Option 6 – 1 wave (4 weeks FT)
    Wave 4: 1st Aug – 26th Aug

    Driving status

    Do you hold a valid UK driving license?

    Do you own or have access to a car/vehicle

    Why are you applying for this job?

    What do you already know about the NCS programme? (If applicable, please include any previous experience on NCS programmes).

    What experience do you have of working with young people – male and female? (Make specific reference to experience with young people in the NCS age bracket).

    What experience do you have in an overnight residential setting? (Please include any residential experience you have as a participant as well as a member of staff).

    What additional skills and qualities do you think you personally would bring to the NCS staff team?

    Do you hold any qualifications that are relevant to the role/s you are applying for? (Including first aid and safeguarding qualifications).

    What are your personal interests and hobbies?

    Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence? Answering yes does not automatically bar you from employment.

    If you answered YES please give particulars (offence, date and judgement).

    FA Enhanced Criminal record Check
    As the role you are applying for involves working with children in regulated activity we are required to carry out a DBS Enhanced Record Check with Children’s Barred List.
    Do you hold a current DBS Check? If yes please provide details below:


    Reference Number



    Do you consider yourself to have a disability?

    Would you need any help or support in order to carry out this role?

    If YES please give details.

    Please give the details of two people (other than relatives) we can contact. One must be a present or last employer who can comment on your suitability for the role.

    Person 1

    Person 2

    Please attach your CV

    By sending this application form you are in agreement that you believe all the details on this form to be correct and up to date. Failure to provide accurate information may result in your removal from the application process.