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HomeNewsHealthReds in the Community to deliver free Fit For Football programme

Reds in the Community to deliver free Fit For Football programme

Reds in the Community have secured funding through Heart Research UK to deliver a free Fit For Football Programme within 10 local primary schools.

Fit for Football is an education and activity programme designed to improve heart health among primary school children by increasing knowledge and promoting healthier, more active lifestyles.

What will pupils learn?

  • Improved knowledge of the heart and heart function
  • Greater understanding of how to maintain a healthy heart
  • Improved knowledge of the benefits of Physical Activity
  • Greater understanding of the Eatwell Guide 

What does Fit for Football involve?

Reds in the Community will deliver the programme over two days, engaging with Y3-4 and Y5-6. The year groups will be divided into three teams and rotate through a carousel of activities commencing at 9 am and finishing at 3:30 pm. 


Introductory activities designed to increase knowledge around the heart:

Where is the heart?

How does it work?

How to keep the heart-healthy.


A football fitness test for signing up to become a member of the Barnsley FC Healthy Hearts Team. 

Mini-medicals involve checking pulses and blood pressure, listening to one another’s hearts.

Investigate how the heart works learning about circulation, respiration, blood flow and interesting heart facts.


Explore the importance of diet/nutrition

Create a Footballer’s Food Diary

Food-tasting session (Optional)

Plan and create a healthy meal


Take part in fun physical activities to get the heart working and blood pumping

Monitor and record their heart rate by checking their pulse before, during and after exercise

Design and play an activity to raise your heart rate


A heart and health quiz to review learning with prizes for the winning teams!


Toby Tyke’s Top Tips

Your Healthy Hearts Pledge

If your school is interested in this programme then please contact us using the button below or call 01226 211 333