Us Girls

An award-winning programme, The Us Girls brand is designed to increase and sustain young women’s participation in sport and physical activity within some of the nation’s most disadvantaged communities.

Us Girls started in 2011 as a two year initiative to get 30,000 young females (aged 14-25 years) more active. It provided them with fitness and sport opportunities within their local community.  The programme received £2.3 million of National Lottery investment from Sport England as part of their campaign to tackle the gender gap in sport. The project initially focused on 50 disadvantaged areas across England and, with over 34,000 young women taking part in the initial sessions, that target was soon exceeded.

In 2013, Us Girls won the public vote for the National Lottery Award for Best Sports Project. 

Us Girls has made a major contribution to promoting sport for disadvatanged young women.

Reasons for success

Us Girls is at the right time of life: when teenage girls are in danger of dropping out of sport and activity, they need something different that fits with their new priorities

Us Girls is at the right time of day: teenage girls and young women have busy lives with lots of demands on their time. To increase the chances of getting girls active, sessions fit within their everyday lifestyle

Us Girls is at the right place: girls want to go to a local facility that’s easy to get to, is indoors and away from the male gaze. Humiliation is one of a teenage girl’s biggest fears.

Us Girls is at the right price: girls are savvy shoppers and love a bargain. Loyalty cards, two for one deals and prizes are great incentives to recruitment – and the price sessions can have a significant influence on whether or not a young woman is active

Us Girls is in the right style: it’s all about fun, fitness , music and friendship.

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