Reds Youngsters Visit The Mill Academy

Barnsley Football Club players Jake Greatorex and Matty Wolfe met year five and year six pupils at The Mill Academy earlier today.

The Reds duo took part in a question & answer session about all things Barnsley FC amongst an array of topics.

With the school completing lthe Premier League Primary Stars programme during the first half of this academic year, the importance of respect and education were also popular areas of interest for staff, pupils and players alike.

Barnsley-born goalkeeper Jake enjoyed taking part in the Reds in the Community visit alongside fellow youngster Matty.

He said: “It’s been good to come down and meet the kids. I remember at my Primary School we used to have people come in and we’d ask them questions. I used to really look forward to it and really enjoy it. Obviously, they’re now asking us and it’s a good feeling. For me, education is an important thing. It’s not just about football, it’s about your life skills as well so it’s really important.”

The Primary Stars programme seeks to use the pull of the Premier League, professional football clubs and sport to engage children with education and physical activity.

Amy Holwell, one of several staff members from the Worsbrough school in attendance, spoke about how the young duo’s visit has had a similar effect on the pupils.

She said: “It’s been really good for the children to speak to players who are still quite young themselves. The children had a lot of questions about education, healthy diet and discipline. It’s been a real opportunity for them to ask questions and get answers from people that they’re aspiring to be like themselves.

“It’s brilliant, especially for those who may find the academic side of things a little more challenging. It puts that emphasis on how important it is to stick to your education and do well academically as well to be successful in the sport industry. It helps them make links with the outside world. It gives them ideas about what they might want to do when they get older. Bringing anyone from the community into the school is brilliant for the children because they don’t get those experiences every day. They watch some of these games on TV or go to the matches but actually having the opportunity to speak to players in person makes it seem more achievable for them to become like that in the future.”