Lacewood Primary Reap Rewards From PL Stars

The Premier League Primary Stars programme has received fantastic feedback from Lacewood Primary School.

Stars is a Premier League-funded scheme which seeks to use the pull of professional football clubs and sport to promote education in primary school children.

Reds in the Community run the programme in a number of primary schools in the borough of Barnsley.

Last week marked the final day of delivery in the Dearne school by Reds in the Community Senior Community Coach James Cooke.

Mr Jones is the Sports and Play Assistant at Lacewood Primary and has witnessed James’ weekly delivery.

He spoke about how the programme has helped both himself and the pupils.

He said: “James has made a good bond with the kids from the start. He’s made it enjoyable for them. He’s got a different range of activities for them planned and it runs smoothly. His ideas are going to help me moving forward with implementing them into my lessons. James did a couple of lessons that revolved around leadership skills. That’s going to help me when I do leadership as that one of the things that I find quite tricky teaching.”

Behaviour Support Leader Mr Hallsworth is also heavily involved in Lacewood’s PE and sport delivery.

The Stars programme aims to develop both teachers and pupils in primary schools, something Mr Hallsworth believes has been a success at Lacewood over the last 12 weeks.

He said: “Since James has come in, it’s been slightly different for the kids. They’re used to having PE sessions by our teachers here and our Sports Leader Mr Jones. He’s put on a lot of different activities which they’ve enjoyed. Some of the teachers that have popped into his sessions – it gives them a chance to see how he does things. It’s development for our school and our teachers. He’s been fantastic with the kids, he’s confident, all of the kids seem to like him and his sessions.

“We love going to football tournaments. We’ve done really well as a school team over the couple of years. Whenever we get to Oakwell, it’s a good opportunity for the kids to get out of school for the afternoon and experience something different.”

Lacewood’s pupils have impressed on the football field as well as in the classroom in recent years.

In March 2018, this led to the children representing Barnsley FC in the EFL Area Finals at Leeds United’s Thorpe Arch.

They have also recently won the Totty Cup, a competition which includes junior teams from across South Yorkshire.

“Last year they had a really successful year,” added Mr Hallsworth. “They represented Barnsley at Leeds United. They won Young Sports Team of the Year. Yesterday, they managed to win a big competition which has been run for over 100 years – the Totty Cup. I think they develop a lot of different skills in James’ sessions. He focuses a lot on teamwork, communication and doing things in the right way. They need all of them skills if they’re taking part in different events. It’s always going to help.”