Jump Primary School Pupils Become Young Leaders

Reds in the Community staff have been at Jump Primary School today delivering the Young Leaders programme to 20 pupils.

The initiative seeks to give children aged 11 or over the skills and knowledge to be able to run their own sports coaching session.

RitC Community Coaches led this afternoon’s training, which began with a classroom-based session to teach the pupils about what makes a good leader whilst looking at some real-life examples both inside and outside of sport.

The pupils were then led outside to gain practical first-hand experience on leading sessions and the different components of planning activities.

Jump Primary’s Sports Co-Ordinator Will Parkes spoke about the benefits of the Young Leaders programme and the strong link between his School and Reds in the Community.

He said: “I think it’s really good. I think it gives them confidence which hopefully they can transfer into other elements of school life. It gives them that responsibility and that pupil voice which is a really important thing. It makes them be independently thinking, they’ve got to collaborate. They can transfer those things to when they’re learning and hopefully when they move onto further education and then when they’re older, employment.

“It’s invaluable because I think, with your support, it’s allowing the children to develop. It’s providing the School with support and up-skilling us. It’s providing us with skills and the children with skills for which they can take forward and use in school life and outside of school as well. That bond between the Club and the School is fantastic because it helps our children. In a small place like Jump, it is very beneficial.”

Community Coach Shannon Durkin, one of two RitC members of staff who led the session, explained what skills the children will develop and how beneficial they will be.

She added: “It develops confidence and leadership skills. It helps communication and that’ll help them with the coaching side of it. It’ll also help them in the classroom as well, answering questions and having the confidence to do that.

The Young Leaders programme was delivered to Jump Primary School as part of Reds in the Community’s Premier League Primary Stars programme.

If your school would be interested in the Stars or Young Leaders initiative then please contact [email protected].