Bähre and Moore Visit Oakhill Primary

Barnsley FC players Mike Bähre and Kieffer Moore visited Oakhill Primary Academy this afternoon.

The Reds duo took time out of their training schedules to meet a selection of pupils from across the school’s year groups.

Mike and Kieffer began the visit by taking part in a question and answer session on topics ranging from football to fortnite.

It continued with both the players, pupils and staff showing off their football skills in the school hall.

The visit culminated in Mike and Kieffer posing for pictures and signing autographs before a quick kick-around with selected pupils.

Kieffer, who is Reds in the Community’s Education Ambassador for the 2018/19 season, enjoyed the day and has embraced becoming an even more prominent figure in the Barnsley community.

He said: “It was good. It’s always nice to meet the kids. We had a good Q&A session and a bit of fun, had a little kick around as well and showed them some skills. It looked like they had a laugh and so did me and Mike. I’m really enjoying it [being more involved in the Community.] It’s always good to see what Reds in the Community do. They’re doing tremendous work and I’m glad to be a part of it. I’m really enjoying what we’re doing.”

Oakhill teacher Matt Powell explained what it meant for the children to meet some of their Barnsley FC heroes.

He said: “It’s been brilliant, we’ve really enjoyed it. My class were excited, I told them this morning. They’ve all been on their best behaviour all day, it’s been really nice for them. When I walked in they were asking fortnite questions and I thought, ‘why aren’t you asking about football?’ but some of the kids asked them about injuries and their team and what their job is which was really nice. In my class I’ve got four or five boys and girls who are actually season ticket holders so it’s good for them to meet them.”