12 Days of RITC Christmas | Ben Mosley Visit

In the lead up to Christmas Day, we will be looking back at some of the highlights of 2018 through the Reds in the Community 12 days of Christmas.

In October, official Barnsley Football Club Artist Ben Mosley visited pupils at Ward Green Primary School.

The School had been celebrating arts week, in particular focusing on the theme of expressionism, something Ben specialises in.

With a number of the pupils being Reds supporters, the children had been inspired by Ben’s fantastic artwork in the CK Beckett Stand, timelining key dates in the history of Barnsley FC.

Ben supervised pupils as they drew designs, looking to imitate the artist’s ‘Barnsley men.’

He then began a mural which the pupils finished off, with Barnsley FC flags and other Reds-related pictures dominating the impressive end product.

The visit ended with Ben giving a talk to the whole school during their end of week assembly, encouraging the children to enjoy and express themselves through the form of art.

Ward Green Assistant Headteacher Steve Honeyman spoke about how influential Ben’s visit was at the end of a week celebrating art.

He said: “This has been massive for us as a school. Having Ben here is fantastic to inspire the kids. They’ve been looking forward to meeting him all week since we mentioned it. We’ve got quite a few Barnsley fans who have seen his work across the Pontefract Road end. It’s hard for them to relate to art in general when they see these abstract concepts of people who they’ve probably never met before. To actually see an artist in person and for him to show off his work and celebrate it – it’s really inspired them. You can see Ben’s inspiration coming through in some of the work and also the children are putting their character into the work as well so it’s brilliant.”

The visit was the first time that Ben had joined Reds in the Community in a local school since being unveiled as Barnsley FC’s official Artist.

And the avid Reds fan said that he is hoping to use his influence to benefit the local community moving forward.

He said: “It’s obviously great as an artist to come in and try and inspire younger artists. Hopefully they’ve got something out of it. It’s about really enjoying it and expressing themselves at this age. It’s good to be able to give something back coming here under the Club’s name. Part of my role is to try and inspire others. If I can give anything back to help others that might take up art as a way forward then that would be great. Being able to do it as a Club official artist is a great honour and if I can benefit the community then I will. You’ve got to let them enjoy themselves and then hopefully we’ll have a few artists in the future.”

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