Trustee Interview: Simon Biltcliffe

Following his appointment to the Reds in the Community Board of Trustees, Simon Biltcliffe has stressed the importance of Barnsley FC supporting the local community.

Simon, a season ticket holder at Oakwell having grown up in the town, is a TED speaker and is the CEO of marketing and technology firm Webmart.

In November, he agreed to offer his expertise to help maintain the growth and reach of RitC’s work in the local community.

Having had a life-long affinity to both the Club and the town of Barnsley, Simon spoke about how vital it is that football club’s do their bit to support the community they represent.

He said: “It’s so important for Barnsley to have this organisation that is attached to the club. The Football Club was established for this purpose, to help with cohesion in the community. Having a really good, strong community base is vital. There is nothing that I can think of that’s like a football club to bring together a community. I know that the new owners and directors are passionate about doing the best for Barnsley as well as making the football the best it can be.”

Simon moved away from the town for employment after graduating from university.

He has now settled in the South but, despite a busy schedule, has maintained his commitments as an avid fan of the Reds.

And living a five-hour round trip away from Oakwell has done little to diminish his passion for using his plethora of experience to help support the Club and the town of Barnsley in his role as a Trustee.

“It’s very much part of my DNA is Barnsley Football Club,” he added. “I live down South, so I have to travel two and a half hours to get up here every other Saturday and two and a half hours back. I get back whenever I possibly can. I wouldn’t do it for any other club, that’s for sure.

“It’s interesting to see it from the inside. I’ve run my own company for 23 years. To be able to bring my experience, my connections and my passion for Barnsley and the Football Club – hopefully I can help Wayne and the team to take it on from here. It’s a lovely opportunity. Hopefully I can make a difference and I’m enjoying it already.”