NCS Participants Welcomed Into Mayor’s Chamber

A group of Reds in the Community’s National Citizen Service (NCS) participants were invited to the Mayor’s Chamber yesterday afternoon.

Cllr Pauline Markham welcomed the teenagers into the Town Hall and thanked them for their hard work, hailing them as a credit to their families and the town of Barnsley.

The teenagers were presented with certificates of appreciation as well as a thank you lunch for their efforts during the social action phase of the groundbreaking youth programme.

Recently, the Trans Pennine Trail near Stairfoot roundabout has become overgrown and hazardous.

Due to this, school children and other local residents often opted to cross the busy and dangerous roads nearby rather than take the path above them.

Having noticed this, the group tidied up and planted new flowers alongside the Trans Pennine Trail to make it accessible once again.

Participant Connor Scarfe enjoyed the unique experience of sharing lunch with the Mayor.

He said: “It was a great experience. Not many people go into the Mayor’s Chamber so to actually do that as part of NCS was a huge honour and I’m very grateful. She’s a very nice lady so it was nice to get the opportunity to meet her.

“It’s great to know that us young people are being recognised a lot more now. With the NCS programme and the social action projects, it’s giving young people more of a voice to do things that they feel need changing in the community. From what she’s said to us, it’s very inspiring and motivating to want to do more work and do whatever we can to help society grow.”

As well as providing a Summer of a lifetime, NCS is also a programme which helps young people stand out from the crowd when they move onto further education and employment.

Connor spoke about how important NCS has been for him in Summer 2019.

“We all got certificates,” he added. “It’s something you can put on your CV amongst the many other things with NCS. It’s another great experience. It’s something that you can’t really miss out on because you’ll get opportunities like this if you take to it and put the effort in. It’s probably something you’ll remember for the rest of your life.”