NCS Participants Support Barnsley Carers Service

Reds in the Community’s National Citizen Service (NCS) participants have received praise after they supported Barnsley Carers Service in a recent Social Action Project.

NCS is the country’s fastest-growing youth movement, a rite of passage for all teenagers aged 15-17 to discover who they are and what they can do.

Spanning four weeks, the participants take part in ‘Adventure’ and ‘Discover’ phases before the final fortnight of the programme is spent giving back to the local community.

Orchard Views Care Home, the Pond Protectors, Social Sheltered Housing, Riding for the Disabled, Grimethorpe Family Centre, Helping Homeless and Highstone Helpers were the other beneficiaries of wave one participants’ inspirational work.

The eight groups raised over £1,400 in the Social Action phase as NCS continued to make a huge difference to the local community.

Barnsley Carers Service, who are based in Lundwood, are a young charity who support carers in the borough of Barnsley through a variety of different means.

Run under the banner of Making Space, the Charity provides respite, days out and other crucial support to carers aged from 18-90.

Barnsley Carers Service Team Leader Tara Ramsden was full of praise for the young people and spoke about the benefits of NCS as a programme.

She said: “It is absolutely amazing that this group of young people have chosen our Charity to support. It highlights how important young people are in the community and that they care. The fact that they want to give something back to all these different people is great.

“They’re a testament to themselves. I think it’s lovely that you’re giving them those skills. They are getting themselves ready for adult life. Because they’ve done this programme, it’s given them a bit of a stepping stone. They’re teenagers still but they are young adults and I think that this is going to give them some really good skills.”

The group’s work began at Water Royd Nursing Care Home, where they were given an insight into life as a carer through organising a bingo morning and interacting with residents.

Two fundraising events followed with bag-packing at Morrisons preceding bucket collections during Barnsley Pride.

Not satisfied at ‘just’ raising money, the group then created marketing tools in the form of leaflets and a video in order to showcase the work of Barnsley Carers Service and Making Space to a wider audience.

The impact that the group’s work will also see representatives of Reds in the Community’s NCS department attend the Barnsley Carers Service one-year anniversary in September.