NCS Graduates Volunteer At Tour de Yorkshire

National Citizen Service graduates from Reds in the Community have been volunteering at the Tour de Yorkshire today.

Stage two of the Tour started in Barnsley today for the first time and youngsters from the scheme have been in the town centre to help ensure that the historic event ran smoothly.

They have been handing out flyers and helping direct the public along the route and through the numerous stalls.

Graduates from the RitC NCS course, who were also joined by their counterparts from the Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme, were engaging with the local community and talking about the benefits from partaking in NCS.

Aidan Walker spoke about the opportunities he has taken up since graduating from the scheme, including joining the NCS National Youth Board (NYB).

Aidan said: “With the Youth Board, we’ve been doing traineeships. We’ve done workshops on public speaking, confidence, and to do with apprenticeships. For the regional one, we’ve had three meetings now. The first was meeting everyone then we started action planning. We had a weekend away in February where we got into two groups and decided on two social actions projects we wanted to work on. One was children in care and the other was helping a hospital in Sheffield build a ward. We’ve also done a safeguarding course. If I didn’t go on NCS then I wouldn’t be doing any of the stuff that I’m loving and enjoying today. Even stuff that I do outside of NCS, I don’t think I’d have the confidence to go up on stage and do the stuff I do.”

Building confidence is a key aspect of NCS, something echoed by Aidan’s fellow graduates Emily Methley and Kaitlin Hume.

Emily said: “My favourite bit was when we did the first week when we went to Grinton [Lodge]. It pushed me out of my comfort zone. I’ve got a bad leg but I managed to do things I never thought I’d be able to do. I probably wouldn’t have had the confidence to do this without NCS.”

Kaitlin added: “We have joined the Youth Board and we’ve graduated. It’s given us so many more opportunities that we would never have had before we did NCS. We get to go out into the community and speak to them to see what they want. It’s such a good opportunity.”

If you are interested in taking part in NCS this summer, please click HERE.