Barnsley Teens Set For NCS Action Day

  • On April 15th, teenagers from Barnsley will be giving up their time during to make positive changes in the local community as part of Action Day, a national movement organised by National Citizen Service (NCS).

Action Day is an annual event which aims to showcase the true power of young people as NCS graduates use the skills and experience they gained on the programme to continue to make positive changes in their local area.

Taking place outside of term time, NCS is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity open to 16 and 17-year-olds across England and Northern Ireland.

It is a unique four-week programme that helps young people build skills for employment, such as resilience, confidence and leadership, build trust between people of different backgrounds, and give back to their local communities through a social action project.

After completing the initial programme, participants become NCS graduates, with access to a wide range of opportunities and support to continue making their mark in their communities.

Projects in Barnsley, which were designed and carried out by NCS participants, ranged from designing meaningful artwork to be exhibited at Barnsley Pride to completing garden renovations for all of Barnsley’s Family Centres.

They were supported by partners including Barnsley Recovery College, Riding For The Disabled, Tesco, Co-Op and many more.

In February, some of RitC’s graduates continued their Youth Board commitments by visiting Barnsley Churches Drop-In Centre, who support homeless and vulnerable adults in the local area.

Through speaking to the centre manager, a need for personal hygiene items was highlighted. From this, the young people decided to raise money and purchase these in-demand products.

After collecting the hygiene items together, the group will be re-visiting the Drop-In Centre again on the 15th to donate and hand them out.

Emily Mellings, 16, the young person leading the project, said: “I loved the social action phase of NCS when I did it as a participant. Being a part of the Youth Board has allowed me to continue to make a difference in the Barnsley community. Having visited the Drop-In Centre a couple of months ago, I’m looking forward to helping them out with the important work they complete throughout the year through this project.”

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