Reds Join Barnsley Safe Places Scheme

Barnsley Football Club and Reds in the Community have signed up to be on the Barnsley Safe Places scheme.

Barnsley Safe Places provides places for any person who is feeling vulnerable, threatened or needs assistance when out in a public place.

It is particularly useful for someone who likes to be independent but may struggle to cope with an incident when out and about.  This can help reduce social isolation for people knowing there are places to lend assistance if required.

The Reds Superstore, Box Office and Reds in the Community office are all designated Barnsley Safe Places at Oakwell.

A Safe Place is a shop, business or building that has signed up to Barnsley Safe Places and has staff who are trained to be able to help that person contact the people they may need and provide a quiet place to sit.

The Reds Superstore and Box Office will be Barnsley FC’s designated Safe Places alongside the Reds in the Community offices in the Oakwell Indoor Centre.

The scheme is funded by BMBC and delivered by Cloverleaf Advocacy.

There are over 70 venues now across the whole borough and these include all libraries and BMBC buildings including all the museums.

Barnsley Safe Places is a member of the National Safe Places Network which provides a free to use app showing all the premises signed up to the scheme, which supports adults to travel confidently to other parts of the country

The scheme is free of charge and anyone can sign up to be a member however you do not have to be a member to use a Safe Place.

Reds in the Community’s Wellbeing & Designated Safeguarding Officer Kelly Robinson-Walton said: “We are proud to be working in collaboration with the Barnsley Safe Places scheme to extend our Safeguarding responsibilities to the wider community.”