Learn and Burn Launches!

Reds in the Community are delighted to announce the launch of Learn and Burn!

The Health initiative, which is designed for adults of any age, provides participants with a combination of theoretical advice and light practical exercise to help improve general health for just £2 per week.

The programme, which is based at the Oakwell Indoor Centre from 3-4:30pm every Wednesday, runs on an eight-week rolling basis tackling different subjects around nutrition and fitness.

Incorporated into the hour and a half session is 30 minutes of health and nutritional advice followed by an hour of low-intensity circuit-based exercise.

Despite running as a group, participants have the opportunity to gain individual feedback on their general health and diet alongside one-to-one advice.

The session is something that Health Officer Sean Margison has led before in his previous role before joining Reds in the Community.

It has a big social aspect, with participants normally meeting for a hot drink after each week’s activity.

There is also the option to come along to the group just for the classroom-based nutritional advice, something that a number of participants currently do.

Joan Kahn, a regular attendee at the sessions, spoke about why she comes along on a weekly basis.

She said: “They’re wonderful. It energises me and it makes me feel good about myself. We walk together some of us and are intending to extend on that and go a little further. We meet and have some lunch and Christmas lunch. It’s become a family kind of thing. Sean stresses that it’s at your rate, it’s not competitive in any way. We’re here for ourselves and then it’s a bonus having that group together of like-minded people.”

For more information contact [email protected] or ring 01226 211333.


Oakwell Indoor Centre


Every Wednesday from 3-4:30pm

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