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Walking Football – Reds Connect

Reds Connect

Reds Connect creates new opportunities for local people in the Central Area to engage, participate and connect. It helps address social isolation and loneliness, allowing participants to engender new relationships and enable local people to get active.

Reds Connect is an all-age approach that offers opportunities for men and women of all ages to engage in several activities designed to facilitate all. Physical activity will be at the heart of all sessions albeit gentle exercise, walking or more energetic circuits and football activity. Reds Connect will help participants to reduce feelings of loneliness and social isolation by improving their physical health. The programme is funded through the Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council Central Area Social Isolation Fund.  All our Reds Connect sessions are Free of charge to participants.

The aims of Reds Connect are: 

  • To reduce social isolation and loneliness among local people
  • To increase the number of local people in the Central Area participating in local activities
  • To improve physical and emotional wellbeing

Walking Football (Open to all Men) 

The Walking Football session gives people the opportunity to rediscover the joys of playing football and the basic elements of a match accessible to them by slowing the game down to a walking pace.

The game is usually delivered in a small-sided format using normal 5-a-side rules with the added rule of ‘no running.’ If you have previously enjoyed playing football or just want to get fit, then these sessions are ideal for you.

The sessions are structured and delivered by qualified instructors who are experienced in delivering these activities. Walking Football is not uniquely for older men. Men of all abilities are welcome. There may be some players recovering from injuries or have a health condition who may find the sessions preferable to regular 5-a-side football.

For further information on any of our Reds Connect activities or wider health programmes, contact Sean Margison at [email protected]or alternatively call 01226 211333.