Shadow Scholarship | Army Training Session

The Reds in the Community Shadow Scholarship squad were put through a military training session today.

A week on from starting pre-season training ahead of the 2018/19 season in the Northern Football Youth League, Mark Tinker’s squad took part in an afternoon workout specifically designed for young adults.

QPD Forces Prep Doncaster delivered the gruelling session, which was split across three activities.

After being separated into three groups, the first contingent continuously ran around the outdoor pitch for 10 minutes.

Another activity saw the groups put into pairs, who then completed various 100-metre races carrying each other.

These included a fireman carry, a wheelbarrow and dragging each other, before switching roles halfway through the race.

The final activity saw teams of eight have to complete a circuit within a set time frame or face a forfeit.

Players carried a stretcher with one of their team on it and four jerry cans around a 100-metre track in under 40 seconds.

If the team didn’t make the time limit or dropped any of the equipment on the course, then the players would have to do 10 press-ups.

The pre-army training company then finished the day with the ‘Sally Up, Sally Down’ press-up challenge.

Head Coach Tinker hailed the character of the squad for making it through a testing military-standard session.

He said: “It was great to have the Forces Prep team in for a session with the players. Not only does it provide a different way to improve fitness levels, but it also tests them all in other ways. Despite being physically exhausted at times, the players still kept pushing and working as hard as they could. The sessions are also designed to test the determination, spirit and character of both groups and individuals. I think the players pulled through on that front as well which bodes well for the future.”