Kieffer Moore Named Education Ambassador!

Reds in the Community are delighted to announce that Kieffer Moore will be our Education Ambassador for the 2018/19 season!

The Barnsley Football Club striker has progressed his support for the community through officially becoming the face of our expanding education programme.

Alongside maintaining his commitments in other areas of the community, Kieffer will use his influence to support the young adults studying at Oakwell, both in the classroom and on the football pitch.

The 26-year-old is excited to help RITC’s impressive education initiative grow further.

He said: “I’m really looking forward to it. It’s something I’ve never done before but I’m keen to get started. It [education] doesn’t only build you as a person but it kind of builds your ethos around work ethic. It’s very important to understand what you want in life and that you need to work hard for it. I’ve got my own personal background where I did a similar thing. That kicked my career on, it gave me the drive to say I still want to play football and do my studies as well so it’s massive.”

Over 30 more students have joined the RITC education setup for the 2018/19 academic year while a foundation degree is being run for the first time at Oakwell in partnership with the University of South Wales.

Education Officer Mark Crossfield is delighted to have Kieffer’s support at an exciting time for both students and staff.

He said: “It’s absolutely fantastic. We’ve had Adam Hammill for the last couple of years who has just been an absolutely brilliant servant for us. To have a new player of the stature of Kieffer Moore, who has hit the ground running at the football club by scoring goals and leading by example, he’ll be an absolutely brilliant role model for the students to look up to. It’ll be massively beneficial for what we’re doing at Barnsley.

“It’s something that makes studying at a football club different to studying at a school or a college. A lot of the students see them as idols, they are their role models, it’s the dream job for a lot of students who study with us.”

The playing aspect of our education department has also been transformed for the current academic year through the launch of a Shadow Scholarship programme.

It allows players released from academies and other top local talent to represent Barnsley FC in the U19 National Football Youth League whilst studying at Oakwell.

With Kieffer having plied his trade in non-league before working his way into the Football League, Mark believes that the Reds forward provides the perfect example from a playing perspective as well as academically.

“He’s someone that went through the Academy system, had a full scholar and is now playing football professionally,” added Mark. “The lads who have come in on the Shadow Scholarship, that’s their dream. At some point they’ve been told ‘no’ but they’re with us, they’ve got another crack at it. To have that integration with Kieffer, it’ll give them the chance to ask questions, see what they can do differently. It might just be that bit of advice they might need or a bit of inspiration from someone that has made it.

“He’s someone that hasn’t come from a Premier League academy then filtered down. He’s someone that’s come from the bottom and worked his way up and that might be what a lot of these lads have to do. After they’ve finished the programme here, they might not get that professional contract, they might have to go play non-league and work hard at it. Hopefully, when they see Kieffer and we do some question and answer sessions with him, he’s going to get that across to them. But then they’ll be able to see that it can happen, not just for Kieffer but for a lot of players that have to start from non-league to then get a professional contract.”

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